Uart Sanded Pastel Paper M-160271 9-Inch/12-Inch No.280 Grade Paper 10-Pack

Uart Sanded Pastel Paper M-160271 9-Inch/12-Inch No.280 Grade Paper, 10-Pack

Uart Sanded Pastel Paper M-160271 9-Inch/12-Inch No.280 Grade Paper, 10-Pack

Are you a pastel artist looking for the perfect paper to bring your creations to life? Look no further than the Uart Sanded Pastel Paper M-160271. This 9-Inch/12-Inch No.280 Grade Paper is a must-have for any artist who wants to achieve stunning results with their pastel work.

Features and Benefits

1. High-Quality Paper

The Uart Sanded Pastel Paper is made from premium materials, ensuring its durability and longevity. It can withstand multiple layers of pastel without tearing or smudging, allowing you to create intricate and detailed artwork.

2. Sanded Surface

The paper has a sanded surface that provides the perfect tooth for pastel application. It holds the pastel pigment well, allowing for smooth and even color application. The sanded surface also helps to create texture and depth in your artwork.

3. No.280 Grade

The No.280 grade of this paper offers a fine texture that is suitable for a wide range of pastel techniques. Whether you prefer to work with soft pastels, hard pastels, or pastel pencils, this paper can handle it all. It provides enough grip for the pastel to adhere to the surface while still allowing for easy blending and layering.

4. Convenient Size and Quantity

This pack includes 10 sheets of 9-Inch/12-Inch paper, providing you with ample supply for your artistic endeavors. The size is perfect for creating small to medium-sized pastel artworks, making it ideal for both beginners and experienced artists.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can this paper be used with other mediums?

A: While the Uart Sanded Pastel Paper is specifically designed for pastel work, it can also be used with other dry media such as charcoal and colored pencils. However, it may not perform as well with wet media like watercolors or acrylics.

Q: Is this paper acid-free?

A: Yes, this paper is acid-free, ensuring the longevity of your artwork. It will not yellow or deteriorate over time, allowing you to enjoy your pastel creations for years to come.

Q: Can I cut the paper into smaller sizes?

A: Yes, you can easily cut the 9-Inch/12-Inch paper into smaller sizes to suit your needs. This flexibility makes it a versatile option for various projects and artistic styles.


The Uart Sanded Pastel Paper M-160271 9-Inch/12-Inch No.280 Grade Paper, 10-Pack is a top choice for pastel artists. Its high-quality construction, sanded surface, and versatile grade make it a reliable and versatile option for all your pastel creations. Invest in this paper and watch your artwork come to life with vibrant colors and stunning details.