The Sleeping Bag – Snugpak Basecamp Sleeping Bag

The Sleeping Bag – Snugpak Basecamp Sleeping Bag

The Sleeping Bag – Snugpak Basecamp Sleeping Bag

Far away from city lights, the night and the environment can offer the most exhilarating experience. All you need to worry about is staying warm, dry, and comfortable. The Sleeping Bag is an ideal introduction to Snugpak’s range of mummy style sleeping bags. Made to the same high standards as the rest of the range, these chunky, warm, and comfortable bags have a Supersoft lining that’s soft to the touch and provides considerable warmth.

The Sleeping Bag is identical to the Navigator – the only difference is the mummy shape which is designed to retain body heat but does not open to form a blanket. It’s perfect for enjoying general camping and when using a car to carry your kit around.

About this item

  • TEMPERATURE RATING (Comfort: -2°C / 28°F) (Low: -7°C / 19°F)
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & COMPACT (Weight: 1650g / 58oz) (Packsize: 28cm x 24cm /11″ x 9″)
  • MUMMY SHAPE – Designed in a Mummy shape to minimize wasted space, which offers greater heat retention while in use
  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE FABRICS – Manufactured with Snugpak’s cutting-edge fabrics and insulation, the Basecamp Range provides durability, comfort, and warmth
  • DIMENSIONS – 220cm / 87″ (Length), 80cm / 31″ (Chest), 65cm / 26″ (Knee), 42cm / 17″ (Foot)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is The Sleeping Bag suitable for cold weather camping?

The Sleeping Bag has a temperature rating of Comfort: -2°C / 28°F and Low: -7°C / 19°F, making it suitable for camping in moderately cold weather.

2. Can The Sleeping Bag be compressed for easy storage?

Yes, The Sleeping Bag is lightweight and compact, weighing only 1650g / 58oz and having a pack size of 28cm x 24cm /11″ x 9″. It can be easily compressed for convenient storage.

3. What are the dimensions of The Sleeping Bag?

The Sleeping Bag has dimensions of 220cm / 87″ in length, 80cm / 31″ in chest width, 65cm / 26″ in knee width, and 42cm / 17″ in foot width.


Experience the ultimate comfort and warmth during your camping adventures with The Sleeping Bag from Snugpak’s Basecamp Range. Designed in a mummy shape to minimize wasted space and retain body heat, this lightweight and compact sleeping bag is made with high-performance fabrics and insulation for durability and comfort. Stay warm, dry, and comfortable even in moderately cold weather with The Sleeping Bag.