Permanent Adhesive Vinyl for Cricut – Lya Vinyl Mixed Series

Permanent Adhesive Vinyl for Cricut – Lya Vinyl Mixed Series

Permanent Adhesive Vinyl for Cricut – Lya Vinyl Mixed Series

Are you looking for high-quality adhesive vinyl for your Cricut or other cutting machines? Look no further than the Lya Vinyl Mixed Series! Our 30-pack of 12″x12″ vinyl sheets is perfect for all your home decorative and DIY crafting needs.

Why Choose Lya Vinyl Mixed Series?

High-Quality and Durable

Our adhesive vinyl is made with premium materials, ensuring durability and long-lasting adhesion. Whether you’re creating wall decals, stickers, or personalized gifts, our vinyl will stand the test of time.

Vibrant Colors

The Mixed Series features a wide range of vibrant and eye-catching colors, allowing you to bring your creative ideas to life. From bold primary colors to elegant metallics, there’s a shade for every project.

Easy to Weed and Apply

Weed and apply your vinyl designs with ease, thanks to the Lya Vinyl Mixed Series’ user-friendly properties. Say goodbye to frustrating weeding and hello to smooth application.

Perfect for Home Decorative and DIY Crafts

Whether you’re decorating your home with custom decals or creating personalized gifts for friends and family, the Lya Vinyl Mixed Series is the perfect choice. Let your creativity run wild with our versatile adhesive vinyl.

Projects You Can Create:

  • Customized mugs and tumblers
  • Personalized laptop and phone decals
  • Wall art and home decor
  • DIY signs and banners

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the vinyl permanent?

Yes, our adhesive vinyl features a permanent adhesive, making it suitable for long-term applications.

Can the vinyl be used with other cutting machines?

Absolutely! While perfect for Cricut machines, our vinyl can also be used with other popular cutting machines on the market.

Is the vinyl easy to layer for multi-color designs?

Yes, the Lya Vinyl Mixed Series allows for easy layering, making it ideal for intricate multi-color designs.


When it comes to finding the perfect adhesive vinyl for your Cricut and DIY crafting projects, the Lya Vinyl Mixed Series is the ultimate choice. With its high-quality, vibrant colors, and ease of use, you’ll be bringing your creative visions to life in no time.