GIRAFVINYL Rainbow Silver Holographic Heat Transfer Vinyl

GIRAFVINYL Rainbow Silver Holographic Heat Transfer Vinyl

GIRAFVINYL Rainbow Silver Holographic Heat Transfer Vinyl

Introducing the GIRAFVINYL Rainbow Silver Holographic Heat Transfer Vinyl, the perfect accessory for all your creative projects. This vinyl is designed to make your outfits stand out with its holographic rainbow design. Whether you’re making t-shirts, hats, or other clothing items, this vinyl will add a touch of sparkle and vibrancy to your creations.

Product Details

Color: Rainbow holographic silver

Size: 12 inches x 72 inches

Before using the vinyl, it is recommended to perform a test cut to ensure the desired results. The blade depth should be set to 1 level or use the iron on setting for cutting. This vinyl is great for fabric, including clothes, shoes, and bags. It is compatible with most craft cutters, die cutters, and heat press machines.

How to Use

  1. Mirror Cut Your Design – Adjust the blade depth to 1 level or use the iron on setting for cutting. Make sure to mirror your design before cutting.
  2. Weeding the Excess Vinyl – After cutting, remove the excess vinyl, leaving only the letters or graphics you need on the sheet.
  3. Iron to the Fabric – Place the design on the desired location of the fabric and use a heat press machine to iron it on. Set the temperature to medium and apply heat for 10 seconds.
  4. COOL Peel – Allow the vinyl to cool down before removing the liner.


Please note that this vinyl is not printable and does not work with inkjet or laser printers. Colors may appear slightly different on computer monitors. It is recommended to wash the fabric inside out after 24 hours of ironing.

About this item

  • DIY CREATIVE CLOTHES WITH YOUR IDEA – The holographic rainbow vinyl design will make your creative project more prominent and eye-catching.
  • SHINING – The silver htv vinyl always glitters and shines, adding interest to your clothes with vivid patterns and vibrant colors. (Please wash inside out after 24 hours.)
  • APPLICATIONS – Apply this vinyl to all kinds of fabrics, clothes, jeans, shoes, and canvas bags to embellish your outfit and add a more personal and fun decor to groups, parties, and personal items.
  • ADVANTAGES AND CONVENIENCE – This vinyl is easy to cut, weed, and iron. It is also waterproof and colorfast. Remember to wash it 24 hours after ironing.
  • SERVICE – If you encounter any problems during the purchase or use of this vinyl, feel free to contact us for assistance.


The GIRAFVINYL Rainbow Silver Holographic Heat Transfer Vinyl is the perfect choice for adding a touch of creativity to your outfits. With its holographic rainbow design and easy application process, this vinyl allows you to create eye-catching and personalized clothing items. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a professional designer, this vinyl is a must-have for your collection.