Car Refrigerator – Portable Mini Fridge for Car RV Camping Travel

Car Refrigerator – Portable Mini Fridge for Car, RV, Camping, Travel

Car Refrigerator – Portable Mini Fridge for Car, RV, Camping, Travel

Car Refrigerator, 8L Car Portable Mini Fridge with 12V DC & 120-240V AC, Portable Refrigerator Freezer Fridge Cooler For Car, RV, Camping, Travel, Fishing, Outdoor or Home Use, with Straps

Full Description

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8L Powerful Capacity

A portable refrigerator freezer allows you to store a variety of foods. Keep food and beverages cool without messy ice, or keep them warm instead. The unit can hold up to 12 soft drink cans; standard size water bottles can also fit inside (you can even fill it with healthy snacks such as fruit and yogurt if required). Fully meets RV/ truck drivers, boat owners and campers to store seafood, snacks, meat, and beverages, travel, boating, and camping needs.

Dual Function

Cooling/ Warming functions. The hot/cold/off switch has indicator lights for quickly viewing which temperature mode is in use. Max cooling to -20°C below the ambient temperature of 25°C. Max warming to +5°C. Pre-chill/heat your items to assist the unit to reach the lowest/highest temperature as quickly as possible. You can choose any working mode to meet your various needs!

Smart Battery Protection

The car fridge 12v is equipped with 120-240V AC and 12/24V DC adapters, which can be used at home or in the car. The RV refrigerator provides three (low, medium, and high) battery protection functions at different levels. This design can prevent the car power supply from being overloaded or short-circuited, so you don’t have to worry about running out of car power when using the 12v fridge. All this is for you to enjoy the journey.

10dB Low Noise

The car truck freezer is designed to run with low noise to make sure you have a good sleep after long driving. This camping fridge also has a shock-proof design to face the uneven road, operating with no problem in case of a 30° inclination when you are off-road. With a built-in carry strap, you can carry the 8L personal fridge/warmer to and from your destination without being awkward.

Good Choice For Camping

The 8L on-board fridge cooler/heater allows drivers to enjoy food and drink in the car, reducing or eliminating stops at fast food outlets during the journey. And saves money and time by avoiding queues for petrol. The car refrigerator is perfect for cars, RVs, boats, camping, road trips, and home use. The built-in shoulder strap allows for easy transport to take it anywhere you go.