ACEBEAM H30 Brightest Headlamp – Product Description

ACEBEAM H30 Brightest Headlamp – Product Description

ACEBEAM H30 Brightest Headlamp

You won’t like to go out wearing a headlamp and still not being able to see clearly. That’s why we have developed the ACEBEAM H30, the super bright 4000 Lumens 7 modes adjustable LED headlamp. With its Cree XHP70.2 LED (White), CREE XPE2-R2 630nm (Red), and Nichia 219C CRI 90+ LED, you will be able to see clearly the map or other drawings.


Super Brightness

The ACEBEAM H30 offers a maximum output of 4000 lumens, providing you with a bright and clear view even in the darkest environments.

Multiple Lighting Modes

With 7 adjustable lighting modes, including white light, red light, and CRI 90+ light, you can easily switch between different modes to suit your needs.

Customized Battery

Never worry about suddenly running out of power. The ACEBEAM H30 comes with a customized battery that provides high-speed charging through its USB-C port, which is three times faster than normal charging.

Comfortable to Wear

The H30 is designed with a lightweight adjustable strap, made of high-quality material. The reflective headband design with sweat channels ensures a comfortable fit, even during long hours of use.

Durable and Water-Resistant

The headlamp features an all-aluminum alloy shell, making it more durable and able to withstand harsh environments. With its IPX8 water-resistant rating, it can handle any outdoor adventure.

Wide Range of Applications

Whether you’re climbing, camping, caving, fishing, or facing an emergency at night, the ACEBEAM H30 is the perfect companion to light up your way.

After-Sale Service

We are committed to providing you with the best after-sale service to ensure your safety and satisfaction. Additionally, we offer a worry-free 5-year warranty and friendly customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does the battery last?

The battery life depends on the selected lighting mode. On the highest mode, it can last up to 2 hours, while on the lowest mode, it can last up to 200 hours.

2. Is the headlamp adjustable?

Yes, the ACEBEAM H30 comes with an adjustable strap that allows you to find the perfect fit for your head.

3. Can I use the headlamp underwater?

No, the headlamp is water-resistant but not waterproof. It can handle rain and splashes, but it should not be submerged in water.


The ACEBEAM H30 Brightest Headlamp is the ultimate companion for your outdoor adventures. With its super brightness, multiple lighting modes, customized battery, comfortable fit, durability, and water resistance, it is the perfect choice for camping, hiking, searching, and hunting. Experience the best after-sale service and enjoy a worry-free 5-year warranty. Get your ACEBEAM H30 today and light up your way!